The Resort


Kalinaw Resort Siargao - Luxury Resort

Kalinaw Resort is the luxury resort in Siargao island you can not miss. Located only 800 meters from the world famous surf break “Cloud9”, Philippines, the resort offers a retreat for those looking for a tropical, remote yet luxurious escape. Five premium bungalow suites flirt next to a tropical oceanfront with amenities such as: private infinity pool, lounges and a pan European daily three places setting cuisine.

Kalinaw Resort is the dream
accomplishment of two designers
who decided to leave Paris in search
of a tropical life. Both inspired by
Art, Architecture and Fashion but
also by the street culture and skate-
board, the resort is the result of al
l those inspirations.

Kalinaw Resort Siargao

Perfect place to Retreat

“Kalinaw is my new happy place. Fred and Pierre have held true to a
vision of a well designed, effortless, and luxurious tropical experience.
The details are what make the difference and I suspect you only get
this in an owner operated business where there is a passion for getting
it right for the guests.”

Sally H.